Exporting to PDF at smaller size


I’ve been setting up my Omnigraffle pages to be A3 landscape. When exporting to PDF and opening it, the size feels about at 100% zoom.

But… when I take a screenshot of a website and paste it in, I find that I have to shrink it down to leave enough room around the edges. I then find that if I want my text to be at a similar size to the now shrunk screenshot I have to size it down (so choosing 18 is no where near 18px) anymore. It’s the same with any stencils I use.

To get around this I’m using A2… but when I save my PDF out and open the PDF at 100% it feels massive.

Is there an easy way of exporting the PDF so that it shrinks it down to A3? I found a way by printing it as a PDF rather than exporting but it feels convoluted.

I can’t help but think that I’m doing something fundamentally wrong in the first place so I was wondering what other people do with regards to document sizes and exporting to PDF - Any tips?


I may not be completely following you here but … when exporting from OG, would not the option to “scale” at 50% in the Export dialog box work for you?

To be fair, I’m not really getting what you’re trying to accomplish. The whole “take a screenshot of a website” portion starts to get confusing. Perhaps describing what you want in more detail would be helpful.

Yer - sorry about that! - It was much clearer in my mind but getting it to make sense in words was tough.

You’re right though. The scale option was just the thing I was looking for - I’d somehow missed it so thanks for that!

One thing I’m not sure if I understand properly though is why is the PDF dimensions bigger than Omnigraffle? What I mean is…

I create an Omnigraffle PDF at A2
I export as PDF at 100%

If I open the PDF at 100% zoom, then put that next to Omnigraffle zoomed to 100% on my monitor, the PDF is way bigger than Omnigraffle.

Is it bigger because the DPI of the PDF is set to 300 (or at least larger than the dpi of my monitor)? I think that sort of makes sense…

I’m glad scaling solves the problem!

I see what you mean regarding the 100% on both OG and PDF. I don’t know why that is. I do know if I print from the PDF app, or print from OG, I get exactly the same hard copy result. I’m sure someone knows the answer, but I don’t! Sorry.

That’s OK - I might ask the question as another topic later so can write back here if I get an answer. That scaling helps though - I think I’ll set the document as A2 and then scale it down a bit when I export.

What size do you use generally? Is it wireframing you do or diagrams?

Thanks again for your help

I do diagrams: visual models mainly. I’m an educator. My output is typically either PDFs (for students to download) or SVGs (to display on a website).

Please let me know if you find the answer to your other question. I’m sure there’s a quite reasonable answer, I just don’t know it!