Exporting to PDF Problem 1.1: Operation not permitted

I’m having a problem exporting files to PDF. I get a message 1.1. : Operation not permitted
I bought Onmigraffle for Mac from the Omni Store a few days ago.
What does this means?
How can I fix it?

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I had the same problem, contacted support. They are working on a fix but you can get around it by exporting to the Desktop. When I did that once, then I was able to export to any folder. Hope that helps.

I also had the same problem. Btw, this affects ANY KIND of export – JPG, PNG etc, – not just PDF export. The workaround worked for me.

This issue is really annoying, however, and should be fixed. Until I found this post I was stuck. The same issue has now occurred on two different Mac computers.

I saw from my searches that the issue has appeared in previous releases of Omnigraffle as well.

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I’m having this problem right now, is there any fix?

Exporting to desktop isn’t working either. I’ve restarted Omnigraffle, restarted my computer, renamed the original file, created a new file in a new location, etc, and nothing is fixing this.