Exporting to .vsdx files

I bought Omnigraffle ~8 months ago to be able to open Visio 2013 documents at home. While importing .vsdx files works okay (there are always some formatting issues I need to fix), I can’t find a way to export to .vsdx – Omnigraffle only lets me export to .vdx. Is there a way to export to the ‘new’ .vsdx files?

I noticed someone noted a similar issue in December but was hoping there is/will be a fix to this…

Visio® XML (or VDX) is the only Visio® file format that OmniGraffle currently exports to.

In case it helps, the Exporting to Different Formats section of the user guide has more info about all the available export options.

Still - the drawings look terrible in MSV, if exported from OG to MSV. This has never worked sufficiently as far as I can tell.
I do rich, and complex Network-Infrastructure, Network-Policy documentations - it looks terrible in MSV.

I downloaded some Visio files from the web and tried to import them into Omnigraffle Pro on iOS and they looked horrible.

Would it be fair to describe Visio Import/Export as needing a little more work? Perhaps on a par with SVG (which I note is improving)?

I hate to say this, since I soooo want OmniGraffle Pro 7 to work with XML format Visio 2010 files.

In the past things were never more than .01% off (totally making that number up).

But now it seems to be 50% accurate, with paths/fonts coming out, well, all over the place. :)

Is there an effort to get OmniGraffle Pro 7 to work better with Visio® XML (or VDX).

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Have you heard of any progress has been made on this? I’m using the latest OmniGraffle Pro and when I export to VSDX, the text blocks inside a shape do not line up correctly (they are way down at the bottom)

We made a number of improvements to Visio import and export in 2020. If anyone is still seeing issues, please reach out to our support humans with details!

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