Extended Attributes syncing

Does Omnipresence sync extended attributes on the Mac such as file labels / tags?

Not at the moment, no. You can find a list of what OmniPresence is currently unable to sync in this support article.

Any plans to add this in the future?

I’m afraid I can’t speak to our plans for OmniPresence. The best way to request a feature is to email us – if you could let us know how extended attributes fit into your OmniPresence use case, we’d really appreciate it!

This has been on our wish list since before we shipped OmniPresence 1.0 in 2013, and we’d love to work on it. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat low on our priority list since we’ve only received a handful (literally, one hand) of customer requests asking for this in the years since 1.0 shipped.

But we really would love to fix it. If any developers out there get a chance to look at this before we do, all of the relevant code is in our open source frameworks.


Finder support for xattr on Webdav is via ._ files. Is that an option?