Extended Character Set for OG on iOS


I use a range of little known symbols in OmniOutliner for Mac (from the character viewer which, delightfully, sync into OO for iOS, yet when I use symbols on OmniGraffle for Mac they show up as a question mark in a box on OG iOS.

I do have a workaround: I have bought ‘Unicode Pro’ as an iPad app and this means I can copy symbols across to OG(iOS), which are then accepted by OG for Mac.

However, I would much prefer to work directly on the Mac knowing that OG iOS will reproduce everything faithfully, and since it does so for OO why not for OG?

In order to help us help you better, we’d appreciate if you could be a bit more specific here regarding the symbols you’re having trouble with. Please contact us via email at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com with more information, and attach an example document that contains the characters you’re trying to use. That’ll help us investigate further. Thank you!