Fantastical Drag and Drop Tasks Vanishing

In my workflow, I flag all tasks that I want to do this week. I then drag and drop the task from OF to my calendar (Fantastical) so I can Timeblock my week and get a clear perspective of what needs to be done when and where. (Im an Interior Designer and spend 60% of my time in the office 40% on the road or on site). Timeblocking gives me a clear view of where I need to be at a given time and what I can do when I’m there. Eg: I’m know I have a site visit in the city at 11am. I check my “Errands” perspective and drag across any errands that can to be done in that vicinity and in the time I have available.

I know I can just work from the Errands Perspective in OF but it’s nice to see it on the calendar because then I can map out my route (in order of location) without having to keep scanning my Errands Perspective.

This worked fine up to this week, I just dragged and dropped the task into Fantasical and was good to go. However suddenly tasks now keep vanishing from Fantasical. They drag over and either disappear almost immediately or in some cases stay on the calendar but then disappear after the scheduled time has lapsed. (This doesn’t work for me because I don’t always get to do everything I had planned, so sometimes need to drag tasks into the next day). I know I could just use the Forecast Perspective, but I don’t want to have to set Soft Due Dates on tasks as those that have a “Due Date” are just that…. DUE. Tasks that are Flagged are urgent and may or may not have a due date attached. Hope that makes sense

TBH I’m not sure if this is an OF issue or a Fantastical one, there was a recent update on Fantastical and this issue seems to have only happened since then. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

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