Fatal OmniOutliner iOS 10 Display Bug With URLs

After just updating my iPhone 6s to iOS 10 there is a nasty bug which visually whites out any OmniOutliner entry content after a URL link. It has to do with the styling actually, so to fix it I must blindly try to select my link and then use the Clear Custom Style button that hides at the very bottom of the Customize Style window. Then the content is whited out (during editing) at the next URL in my entry, and so on.

I keep long single entries with lots of inline images and URLs as notebooks so this is a ridiculous bug that suddenly destroys my productivity wherever I have included a link let alone dozens of them in an entry.

The app crashes all the time too when backgrounded for more than a minute, which is bad enough, since I lose my place. Please fix this ASAP as I’m amazed you didn’t catch this with what I assume is your beta iOS 10 for developers.

Since it’s a styling issue of some sort, newly typed or pasted URLs are fine so it’s not possible to reproduce from scratch. Copy/paste retains my old default URL styles so that doesn’t fix entries.

I also notice that if I manually edit an old URL it retains the original link inside, even if I then cut it and Paste Plain it back in so there’s something odd instead of desirably simple about your URL system. Again, if I clear styles it fixes this oddity too and the edited URL works normally instead of follows a ghost.

I notice this bug on my iPad Air 2 and iPod touch as well.

Worst of all is that when I manually clear style from a bunch of URLs, in order to remove the whiteout bug and get back to editing, upon reopening the outline the problem returns to each and every link in the outline, even brand new ones having no history from iOS 9! And the bug is general after you close and re-open even newly iOS 10 created entries with URLs. So OmniOutliner is now completely broken in iOS 10 and you cannot fix it as a user. The display is whited out after and including any URL.

Thanks for reporting this, that’s certainly a nasty bug. We’ll get to work on fixing that. As for the crashing when backgrounding, is our crash reporting appearing when you relaunch? I don’t see any crash reports from the email address you also reported this bug from and I haven’t been able to reproduce the crash yet.

Just for the record: the problems with text being whited out still persists with iOS 10.0.2.

Thanks. A fix is coming soon.