Favorite Tips or Tricks? What adds to your workflow?

Hey, I’m a Support Human here at Omni, and I’m curious about tips or tricks that help your workflow.

One thing that’s been useful for me is the shortcut to insert a date stamp. You can also access that from Edit > Insert Time Stamp in the menubar, and you can see the currently assigned shortcut, too! (I updated mine for all applications to F6, something easier for me to remember!)

  • After customizing the date format in a column, I love typing tod and yes to display today’s date or yesterday’s date. I wish there was a list of these date shortcuts. I only know a handful of them from practicing with OmniFocus. 1d, 1w, etc.

  • I use CMD+Option+G a lot for grouping items

  • I love CMD+CTRL+Delete for removing all formatting to my default setup.

  • CMD+CTRL+Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow is very fun to use to move lines around whether they are individual or in groups

  • Option+Left/Right Arrow is quick and easy for expanding and collapsing a couple rows or more

  • I have a bunch of keywords in my filenames to help me find files using Spotlight in Yosemite, and it doesn’t hurt to type oo3 somewhere in the search to narrow it down to OO documents

  • The way I remember Expand All CMD+CTRL+9 is by looking at the number 9 and imagining it as a zero that is opening up from the bottom as if it were expanding

  • The way I remember Collapse All CMD+CTRL+0 is by imagining the number 9 closing to a zero shape which will hide/close/collapse everything

  • I will write with a background color, but when it’s time to print, I will select on Whole Document in the left toolbar, remove the background color with the Inspector, then undo it to bring the color back

  • CMD+ or CMD- is a quick way to increase the font size without going into the inspector.


Thanks for these tips. I am new to Omnioutliner and this has been helpful.

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