Favorites List Questions

I now understand how to use the Favorites for Lines, Shapes, Pen Tool, Text but have a few questions:

  • Are the Favorites only for the active canvas? How do I get them to be Favorites for the whole project/file without going through and adding them to each canvas?

  • How do I remove items from the Favorites list? Some of the items have been replaced by better settings but I can’t figure out how to get the others out… Never mind. Figured it out. Just tried “Control” + click and it allows you to remove from Favorites! Is this documented anywhere? I also see that “Control” + click on a Canvas style allows you to add it as a Favorite.

  • Sometimes on the Favorites, it seems the Connections settings revert to their default. I often don’t want any connections to allow better/finer placement of objects and lines. Are these setting stored as part of the Favorite?

The very best way to get your favorites throughout the project is to set them up once and save as an OmniGraffle Template. Then use that template when creating any document for the project.

The 2nd best way is to set things up how you want them, and save as a stencil. That way your connection settings, magnets, fills, fonts, basically anything you need can be kept consistent across the project. This will also keep the object name and metadata, which a favorite style can’t do.

Favorites are added to the tool style dropdown list for the entire application when you add to favorites. Control + Click to remove from favorites. Object properties aren’t part of the favorites for line styles. You get the line, stroke size and color, endings, and type of line, but not the object properties as each line you create will be a new line using the visual style selected. If you need the properties I’d use a stencil instead of the style.

You also mentioned in another post that Fit in Window includes all graphics, even those on hidden layers. That’s true. It would be cool if there was an option to include visible graphics only. If you have ideas for ways to make features better, please email us from Contact Omni under the help menu. We track all requests we get, but we do need an email to do that.