Feat. Req. - always show sidebar tabs (but not the Project/Context lists)


right now the sidebar toggle actually shows / hides two different sidebars: the perspective sidebar and the context / project list. I’d love to have an option to keep the perspective sidebar always visible, so that only the context / project list is hidden.

This way one could create minimal perspectives that show only the tasks, but one could still quickly switch between different perspectives.


I agree, this would be a nice option.

I am having trouble understanding this. Clearly, I am missing something. The sidebar toggle for me just shows or hides the sidebar (regardless of if I have perspectives shown or not). What am I missing here?

The left-hand sidebar has two parts- the icons for switching between Projects, Contexts, Forecast, and custom Perspectives, and the (much wider) list of available Projects, Contexts, etc (which often is mostly blank space).

I agree that it would be nice to have the option to show only that left edge of icons and hide all the larger portion of the sidebar. If you have set up your Perspectives in a certain way all you really need are the icons to quickly switch between them.

Currently if you drag the left-hand resize button far enough to the left it snaps to hiding both pieces of the sidebar. Maybe first it should snap to hiding all but the icons, and if you keep dragging it can snap to hiding the icons, too?


@brad, thanks I understand now and I agree with the original suggestion (I was confused because I was in Inbox at the time, which does not show the list of projects/contexts/etc.).

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I agree – I would like to leave the small sidebar (inbox, forecasts, etc.) open for navigating, but almost never want to see the contexts/projects selection lists, especially in custom perspectives (where I have the relevant projects and contexts already baked in). For me, a per-perspective setting for showing the projects/contexts list would probably do the trick. That way, if that option were disabled, toggling the sidebar when viewing that perspective would just toggle the small icon-based bar.


I’d love for this to be implemented as well. I work primarily out of perspectives where projects or contexts are already selected, so having them displayed is just wasted space. I want to see my tasks not redundant information.

I agree with this - I also bake the context selection into the perspectives, so having the context menu visible is a waste of screen space.

This feature request has been open for over two years now. It would be fantastic if you could get this feature into a point release of OF 2.5 or into OF 2.6 . I know I’m not the only person who continues to be frustrated at the lack of response from the OmniGroup on this feature.

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Fellow OmniFocus users,

I called OmniGroup and they informed me that this hasn’t been done because not enough people have requested this feature.

I implore you to email omnifocus@omnigroup.com asking for this feature if it is important to you.


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I have the same request, and I have sent an email to request this feature as well. No need to be distracted by the context / project list when you have configured a perspective to only show what you want.