Feature idea: document switching inside single window [A: Already implemented on Sierra]


I’ve started using OmniOutliner with a single document, then split it into few separate files as it grown. I’ve found switching between a few open documents cumbersome. OmniFocus follows the old Mac convention, requiring a new application window for each open file. It would be a great addition to my workflow to have document switching available inside one window.

Here’s my concept of this feature, with a second sidebar, being a top level context above the sections:

Or … it would be great if OmniOutliner allowed for Tabs, as many MacOS apps now do. That way, we could have different OO docs available in different tabs, and maybe even different views of single documents (i.e., different filtered views). Ecco Pro did that, and it was invaluable.

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Clarification: yes, OO5 supports MacOS tabs, but it allows only the creation of a new outline in a new tab.

What I’m looking for is a way to move an existing outline into a tab, so that in one OO window I can have multiple O documents available to me (instead of in separate windows). Or, as I stated above, a different filtered view of the same document in a separate tab, so that I don’t have to select a filter to change the view in my one open window. I can have multiple views (filters) of the same document available to me just be switching tabs.

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@rogbar: I like the tabs idea, seems cleaner than the sidebar I proposed. 👍

Good news: with macOS Sierra, this is already available! You can open multiple existing documents in a single window in the shipping OmniOutliner 4 as well as in the latest test builds of OmniOutliner 5.

To see the tab bar, choose View > Show Tab Bar (⇧⌘T). Once you’ve done that, you can drag those tabs from one window to another to arrange them however you like. Or if you’d like to merge all your open documents into a single window, choose Window > Merge All Windows.

If you generally prefer to open your documents in tabs rather than their own separate windows, you can set the Prefer tabs when opening documents setting to Always in System Preferences > Dock.

Hope this helps!


@kcase It does the job, thanks!

Thank you - I was wrong. One CAN open existing docs in separate tabs, and this is really helpful. The trick is dragging the TABs from one window to another. Or, as you suggest, changing System Prefs to open all docs in separate tabs in the same window.

Since I often want a group of OO docs open at the same time, is there any way to open a pre-set “composite window”, i.e., get the three desired docs in three tabs of one window without having to manually bring them into one window?

@rogbar: It’s possible to drag multiple selected files from Finder onto OO icon in the Dock.

is it possible to have 2 tabs of the same doc? two views is great for working at two place in the same document

Forgive my complete ignorance here (I haven’t installed the v5 beta): Did you create that screenshot using Photoshop, or is it the new v5? I really like that Documents + Sections pane!

If you Photoshopped it, nice job!

If it’s an actual screenshot of v5, OMG I’m dying with the excitement and anticipation of the release. I check omnigroup.com every day hoping that I’ll see “Released” instead of “Now in public test.” :-)

Excellent! Was just wondering the same and about to give up … OO continues to delight 😃