Feature Request: Ability to hide certain tags from forecast view

Please add a way to hide tasks containing specific tags from the Forecast view. For example, I have daily and weekly rituals that I do at fixed times of the day. I don’t want these frequent repeating tasks cluttering up my Forecast view, which I want to remind me of the big picture stuff, really important deadlines etc.


Have you emailed this request in to support at omnifocus@omniroup.com? They can count the votes for features there, more votes makes it more likely it gets considered!

Hi everyone, I’ve been using my Forecast perspective a lot - along with other perspectives for recurring tasks, certain context, certain mega-projects, &c. - but there is one issue that’s bothering me about Forecast.

I like that it shows me everything that’s coming up, including tasks that are due in the next couple of days, but some of those are routine - like a certain telephone call that I have to make every single day, and a different call that I have to make every other day - and I’d like to exclude them from Forecast.

The obvious way I thought to do this was to give them a certain tag, like “Exclude,” and then configure my Forecast perspective to exclude those - but it doesn’t look like that’s an option. I’d prefer not to use a different perspective than Forecast, because then I would lose the good stuff that Forecast provides, like calendar integration.

Forecast view currently tries really hard to make sure you don’t overlook something you may have intended to do today, even if it’s been mis-tagged or mis-filed. (If a due date of today is assigned to an item, it’ll appear in Today even if it’s in a tag or project that’s on hold or dropped.)

That said, we have had other requests for the ability to mindfully exclude certain tags from Forecast; attaching you to that feature request so the rest of the team knows you’re one of the folks who would like to see that added.

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Is there a way to hide certain tags and/or projects from the Forecast view even if they happen to be due? I have a bunch of routine tasks that repeat everyday with alerts and I’d rather they not clutter up my Forecast view.

This isn’t currently possible. I recommend emailing the Omni Group with this request. The simplest way to get in touch with them is to choose Contact Omni from the Help menu.

+1 on this. I’m starting to use OmniFocus to outline agenda items for meetings I’m responsible for and would like to exclude my "Agenda : " tags, as I reference a different Perspective for them. Thanks!

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