Feature request: Action groups available in project dropdown

It’s difficult to decide when to make a Project vs an action group. One of the biggest differences between them is how tasks are filed (from inbox, etc).

Because I can’t send a new task to an action group from the inbox, I have to create 5x the number of projects to get that quick-filing functionality. Instead of having just two projects, A & B for example, my project list ends up looking like this:

Project A - Subproject 1
Project A - Subproject 2
Project A - Subproject 3
Project A - Subproject 4
Project B - Subproject 1
Project B - Subproject 2
Project B - Subproject 3
Project B - Subproject 4

Request: enable adding directly to Action Groups aka ‘Subprojects’

To avoid cluttering the dropdown, it could be a more hidden option perhaps, only popping up when typing # or /

Obsidian does something like this when creating [[links]] that reference specific headers for example. https://help.obsidian.md/How+to/Internal+link#Link+to+headings

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I’m working on an Omni Automation to assist with this, at someone’s request - will pop back in here in the next few days to share a link.

As promised - this plugin may be of some use to you:

It would still be worth submitting a feature request directly to Omni via their support email if this is something you would like to see natively. :-)

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