Feature request: Actual integration with Contacts

Currently the only way to associate a task with a contact is to define a context as a contact. Then I can associate exactly one contact’s physical address with the task. I can’t associate a project or folder with a contact at all. And if I do associate a task with a context that represents a contact, I have burned the only available association for that task.

When I create a task such as “Call Frank about the stuff with all the things in it.”, I should be able to link this task to Frank in my Contacts database, and when I open this task to execute it, I should be able to instantly see and use Frank’s phone numbers, email addresses and other useful info so that I can directly execute the task without speed-bumps.

OF for iPhone should be fast, convenient and connected. This feature request was a popular one back before OmniGroup hit the Reset button on its Forums.
C’mon, guys.


I suggest you send an email to OmniGroup. That is the only official way for feature (or support) requests.
Just go to Settings>Send Feedback on iOS or Help>Contact Omni on OS X ;-)

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That would be great. Maybe with the iOS 8 updates?

I would love to see Contact integration. I’m going to send an email and request this as well.

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I’m bumping this because it is still the single most glaring problem I face using OmniFocus every day. First, some praise: there are so many little things in OF that make me smile every time I use it. This is true for both Mac OS and iOS. From attention to customer feedback to incredibly well planned execution on all platforms, but especially mobile, OmniGroup are best of the best. There’s no software I recommend more often.

With the aforementioned fuzzy feelings in mind, the inability to associate a contact in addition to a context is a big thing for me. It doesn’t even matter to me if the contact is associate with Apple’s contacts or not.

There’s very little I do on my devices that doesn’t involve interacting or at least having association with people, too. I use GTD methodology and I like contexts the way they are, but I think this is a glaring missing element. Example: task = edit podcast, project = ACME podcast, context = @StudioDesk. This is proper GTD methodology. I’m at the edit bay, knocking out tasks that I can only do there, but if I had the contact(s) associated with this action, too, I could call up all the things I’m working on with this person when we happen to interact regarding something else.

I’ve sent this to OmniGroup before, even called to talk about it in past years. Are there others that see this as potentially useful? For all the call for multiple contexts, this single additional field, and its potential to associate with built in Apple contacts, seems like it would solve many problems. And, just so you know, I know how to put tags in and find things that way. It’s kludgy, not keyboard friendly and cumbersome, especially in the retrieval process while actually working.

Being able to associate a contact (or contact group) in addition to a context might make the long-requested tagging feature less urgent. It at least would go a long way toward solving a lot of what the use cases would be.

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  • In iOS Contacts, why can’t I use the “share” button to create a task linked to that contact?
  • Or when entering a task, why can’t OmniFocus look up the contact information?

The only missing features; they seem like no-brainers to me.

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I think that this is not a feature that requiers a major overhaul to the app, and will add lots of productivity to my work…

Hopefully it’ll be added

Yes, same for me