FEATURE REQUEST: Allow Context + Project Hierarchy

Hi Support,

I believe I’m not the only one who has many sub-projects in their projects, so whenever I filter by context or flagged items, the list of actions is just a huge mess without knowing what the sub-project was (only the main project is shown). So in the end I waste time going the project trying to understand the goal of those actions to determine their importante.

Would it be possible to allow the features “Use project Hierarchy” and “Filter Context” to be used simultaneously??

Applicable to custom perspectives + Contexts & Flagged (in case we anyone wants to see it that way)

TLDR: It would be the same view as in your Projects, but with only the actions corresponding to the contexts defined

Hope I can get a reply from the team!!


First off, this isn’t the main support channel. Use omnifocus@omnigroup.com for that. This is primarily a user-to-user forum.

To your question, in your Organisation preferences (on Mac), have you enabled ‘include projects and groups’? If not, enable it and see if it helps.

Thanks for that email address, I’ll try sending it there too.

And in regards to the “Organization preferences”, yes it’s always been on.

Check for yourself when creating a custom perspective, project hierarchy and contexts exclude each other for filtering and visualization.


To be clear, what do you mean with ‘sub projects’?

  1. A project nested in a folder, or
  2. A task with subtasks

As far as I know, projects itself cannot be nested in omnifocus

Yep, was referring to sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks.

They get “lost” and I lose track of the actions meanings.


I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! No real workaround is working well for me and I go crazy. It would be very nice if OF could implement that somehow. The only way to made our voice heard is to send them an E-Mail, what I will do now. Please others do the same this function is crucial!


This is the answer of OF-Support back in February 2018:

"Thank you for reaching out with this concern! I completely understand where you are coming from. It can get tedious, putting more text into the titles of child tasks, when you expect the parent task to clearly show you the intended action context in the hierarchy. I use custom perspectives myself, often in the “Don’t use project hierarchy” mode, and have had to add more text to my parent and child task titles so that I can fully understand what I’m supposed to be doing in certain perspectives. This isn’t the most elegant solution!

We don’t have any announcements yet regarding a feature that would fix this, but I can assure you it is on our radar and the teams here will do our best to prioritize it among the other features that have already been promised in OmniFocus 3. Some things will change once we fully implement Tags, and when that happens I would love to get your input again on whether enough has changed to make this a moot point, or if there’s a more specific feature request to file given the new Tags workflows.

_We truly appreciate your time in helping us plan the right kind of improvements to OmniFo_cus!"