Feature request: Alt-drag then Cmd-D should repeat the clone distance & direction

After Alt-Dragging an object to clone it, Cmd-D should duplicate the object with the same distance and direction offset.

Here’s OmniGraffle, when I Alt-Drag then Cmd-D: http://recordit.co/pyztoKeTA4

Here’s Sketch, when I Alt-Drag then Cmd-D: http://recordit.co/2hEBIoxnUx

Yes, in OmniGraffle you can Cmd-D to duplicate the object first, then move the object, and then Cmd-D will use the same offset, but that’s much more cumbersome and unintuitive.

I believe feature requests are best emailed in to the respective Omni app team, FYI. Not that discussions about potential new features are a bad thing, but I’m not sure how these forum topics feature in Omni’s feature prioritization tracking.

Can anyone from Omni confirm? My thinking was that by posting it on the forums, a) other users could “me too” if they also consider it important, b) Omni staff could advise if there’s another way of doing it, or c) Omni staff could say if it’s on the roadmap or wontfix.

Yes! I can confirm that email to support is the best way to be sure your ideas are tracked. Here our CEO Ken explains the thinking behind it:

We don’t publish customer requests because we don’t want to bias our feedback sample based on early feedback. We don’t need people to read other people’s feedback and chime in and say “Oh, that’s a good idea!” We want to independently hear about what is affecting each person in their own workflow.

The 2019 roadmap is at Omni Roadmap 2019.


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