Feature request : copy/paste for project

The title says it all. There is already a discussion here, with a workaround (which I could never make work) :

There should be an easy, intuitive, user-discoverable way in OmniFocus on iOS to copy and paste a project.

My use case : I have a few template projects (like “Prepare vacation” or “Hiking”), which I sometimes instantiate. Repeating projects are not well-suited for this.

This is trivial on macOS, but I’m not sure how to do it on iOS (specifically, I don’t know how to do it on an iPhone – might be easier with iPad.)

I’ve never run into this issue, however, since I do most of my heavy lifting task management work on my mac. I mostly use iOS for checking things off, some reviews here and there, and quick adding tasks to my inbox to process later on my mac.

I’m sure you could find an OmniAutomation plugin to do this for you. I know there’s one floating around out there that does project templates which might prove useful for you. Here’s a good post about the Automators podcast episode talking about it, here’s a plugin that will import a taskpaper document into your OF database as a project (you can always prefill your template project there), and here’s a great plugin by the amazing @kaitlin with tons of options and things to customize to your heart’s content.

I prefer to just keep a folder of project templates which are on-hold from which I can duplicate to other projects throughout my OF system. But, I primarily am using a macOS device when needing to do that, so I’ve never really needed the plugins.

Best of luck to you!

If you long press on a project and click on the Share option, you can share out to a text editor (e.g. drafts) in Taskpaper format.

You can then, from Drafts, paste it back into Omnifocus on IOS (i forget how) or use Drafts to insert it.

Thanks to Geoff and Josh for your creative ideas !

But really, there should be a more obvious way to do it natively in OmniFocus. I also do my heavy lifting in macOS, but sometimes you are on the road, in a hurry, and it is a pity that OmniFocus lets you down at this moment…

I have the same use case. I normally do it on Mac since I know I woh’t be able to do it in my iphone. Maybe OF4… since they are unifying functionality in all platforms.

A workaround is to ‘uncomplete’ the last project (and set it to active), change its name, and delete all due dates so you have a new one. But maybe also in IOS you cannot select all tasks in a project with one click? (I don’t remember).

It works in my testflight version of Omnifocus 4 for IOS!

Good news !
However, I am a bit disappointed that nobody from OmniGroup came to this forum, he/she could have said “it’s coming”

Don’t be. This is only a user forum. For direct communication with The Omni Group, it’s better to contact The Omni Group support.

Thanks for the info, I will stop posting feature requests here :-)

Don’t be afraid to do that if you would like to hear what other users think or would like to encourage more users to support your feature request.

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