Feature Request: Due dates of next task relative to completed date of previous task in a project

I might be missing something here, but I believe this is a killer request.

In most of my sequential projects the due date of the next task needs to be relative to the completed date of the previous task, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this.

Is it possible? If not … feature request please!!

// OmniFocus 2 ROCKS!


This wasn’t available on OF1, but there is a lovely script (by Chris Sauve) that does what you want very well and is free. I used to use it all the time in OF1 and it still works in OF2. You can find the template here: http://cmsauve.com/projects/templates/

I saw that @ccaspell. I think this should be core functionality though, don’t you?

Actually, the script doesn’t do what I’m after. I need the next tasks due date to be relative to the completion date of the previous task.

So, for example I have a repeating project that is to fulfill a drug prescription:

The first task is to drop the prescription into the pharmacy.
The second task is to pick up the drugs 3 days after I drop the prescription off.
And then repeat the whole project 8 weeks after I pick up the drugs.

All those steps are relative to the completed date of the tasks.

Hope that makes sense!

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@ianjukes: I think the script for the template could be modified to look at the completion date as well as the due date and start date (which it already does) relatively easily.

Personally, I like the ability to use scripting in OF to allow pretty much anything to be done, however I am not sure about having this sort of thing built in as core functionality, even though I do use the templates quite a lot.

@ccaspell: I don’t think what I’m talking about can be done with scripting, because it requires realtime processing. The Template script can only create a project based on input variables.

Once created however, it cannot monitor and adjust dates as the project goes.

+1 to this feature
Old forum has some topics related to this feature and it looks pretty useful and relevant.

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This is a hug deal. None of the other competing task/GTD apps (Things, Wunderlist, etc.) provide this, so OF could really stay ahead of the competition with this feature.

Plus it’s been discussed in the forums for a while. http://forums.omnigroup.com/showthread.php?t=22249

There are so many scenarios where a task can/should only start after the previous task is complete that I’m surprised this isn’t core functionality.

Any more thoughts anyone??