Feature request: editing keyboard shortcuts

I found some keyboard shortcuts that is little known. for instance:
e - edit task
d - edit due date
D - edit defer date
t - edit tags
n - edit note
N - edit notifications
and I realized that commands are not available in non-US keyboards (Korean, Japanese …)
Current keyboard support is not user friendly (including no hjkl support)
so I hope these shortcuts were fully customizable.

If you have solutions for this problem, please leave a comment below.


Oh this is great!

Are these documented anywhere?



edit: got a reply about this problem. I hope it will improve soon.

As I understand it, it’s how keys that use multiple characters at once are seen in OmniFocus, as there is no single key for it to latch on to. I have filed an entry in our database to localize this and hopefully find a workaround. While we can’t guarantee when issues like this will be addressed, we do take customer experiences and reports seriously. We make sure to take them into account when working on updates for our apps.