Feature Request: EOW, EOM and EOY

It would be a nice boost for me (given how I use OF) to be able to type in EOW (for end of week), EOM (for end of month) and EOY (for end of year) into deferred and due columns.

I know there are workaround (as in “next mon”), but this would be very intuitive and a productivity bump for me.


For feature requests to be considered you have to submit them via email. Help>Contact Omni in the app will give you all you need.

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That sounds perfect for a Textexpander snippet. You could then use it anywhere on your OS.


I hadn’t even considered using TE/aText in this way - great idea @joebuhlig!

EOW would also be possible with current OF as simply starting “next fri” (or sat, depending on when you consider the week to be over), and EOY would really just be “dec 31” (or whatever date you consider to be the end of the year), but EOM is the slightly trickier one, as it both varies and doesn’t hold up in repeats. I think there are some Applescripts around the forum to help manage that, though.



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Thanks! Feature request sent, and thanks for the tips on workarounds. Will look into it.