Feature Request- Excel Import from OmniFocus and OmniPlan ( templates ? )

I would really love the ability to import CSV files I have exported from Omniplan or Omnifocus so i could edit in Omni outliner and add more notes then share with other resources on my project teams

Could this be an import feature if you had a standard template OmniFocus and Omniplan. It seems to me this would be do-able as you know the format and columns required.

I think the new Excel Export feature in Omni Outliner is great.
One of my biggest challenges has been sharing Notes with resources on my team who use MS office. The word and PPT export formats were somewhat temperamental. I think the new Excel Export is a very simple way to share a document

The above feature would give me a simple way to link OmniOutliner, OmniFocus and OmniPlan together solving a long standing problem for me being able to link the products and share the projects, task lists and notes i create with my teams.