Feature Request: Exclude folders from focus filters (and showing projects not in a folder)

It’s really great to see the work on integrating with the Focus system. As is, it works well for a “work” perspective since I already put those into a folder.

However, it doesn’t work well for a “personal” perspective. What I’d really want in that case is to show everything else but exclude my work folder.

As well, one limitation I see is that when a focus filter is active, you can’t see projects that aren’t in a folder at all. That makes it easy to “lose” project when creating one if you accidentally miss putting it into a folder.

Perhaps a way to sidestep this all would be to support tags in focus filters. Then, the filter would be “only show actions with these tags, and hide projects that have no actions matching the filtered tag”.

the best way not to “lost” your task is just using inbox well.
searching function is well made, so try using that.
focusing tags is against its original purpose imo.