Feature Request: Footnotes/Endnotes


Would it be possible to add the ability to do footnotes/endnotes?

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This would be a great features for academic writing! but also for business writing ā€¦ I too would love this function and make much use of it ā€¦

I would also like to have this feature and would definitely use it. Strangely, I just googled to find if footnotes were possible in OmniOutliner and this post was third on the list. This feature request is very relevant to me. I do a lot of early drafting of sections of my dissertation in OO and would like to insert footnotes for my many references. I like the freedom of OO that allows me to think and write without the anxiety that Scrivener and Word give me. Both these applications have a strong air of finality about them.

Yep. Same here. Lack of this feature prevents me from using it for academic writing actually.

Also, please integrate with Bookends so that a scannable footnote can be added. (Maybe Papers too).


Any updates/workarounds to this feature request?

My current workaround is to put [1] after every quote. Later on after exporting I manually have to copy & paste the quotes from the notes section.

Any better soltuions?

[1] Put the source into the notes section.

Could you not script/automate the process?

I am not a fan of scripting at all. It should be done by the developers, that is why I pay for it.

Well, to each, their own.

Specific to this issue, Iā€™m not really sure what desired ability would look like.