Feature Request: Forward and Backward Navigation

I think it’s been mentioned before, but I could REALLY use a forward and backward navigation arrow to move between sections/paragraphs. I write in Scrivener, and that feature is SO handy. If I have an idea, i pop over to my inbox, post it, and then hit the back-arrow and continue without loosing my train of thought. Thanks!

Hmm. Maybe other people don’t hop around in OO as much as I do. Or, maybe they’ve found some way to do it quickly.

If I’m writing a sub point to a sub point and have a brainstorm idea, it’s really tough for me to navigate out to my unsorted notes section and then go back to where I was without getting lost. Maybe my outline is too big(.

My feeling is that there’s no such thing as a digital outline that’s too big. There’s either helpful or less helpful software. Forward and backward navigation is an excellent idea and one that a lot of people would find useful. The trick in implementing something like this though is to figure out exactly where a step should be.

Both distance and time should be factors which is very different from a web browser’s forward and back buttons. Unless, of course, they wanted to make it exactly like web browser navigation and only move forward and backward between links that you’ve already clicked on in your document. Even that substantially less sophisticated model would be extremely useful. Forcing us to waste time creating ‘back to’ links is both irritating and stupid.

Thanks PHD2B. As to distance and time question, I think you’re more knowledgable than me. I just simply want to be able to do what I do in Scrivener. Mid-stream writing, I need to check my notes in another second section. So, I jump over to those notes by clicking them in the side binder. When I’m done, I just hit the back arrow. Now that link is established and I can go back and forth quickly.

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Sounds like a good and useful feature. +1

+1 I’ve emailed support@omnigroup.com!

Definitely a feature I really miss. In the absence of either split screen/second window or a Back button it can be a really nuisance returning from down a rabbit-hole to the original entry I was working on!

I use Scrivener as well, and it’s also massively helpful generally just to re-tread my train of thought over the last few topics.

Fingers crossed!