Feature Request: Freeze Perspective

When viewing a perspective, the user could click a “Freeze Perspective” button that will not allow the listed items to change. As the user edits dates and tags, the perspective’s item list would remain static. This would allow editing, such as adding multiple tags, without the item that is being edited potentially exiting the list prematurely.

Hello, this is already how your OmniFocus should behave. Edited tasks that no longer qualify for the current perspective will remain in view until you ask OmniFocus to “Clean Up (⌘K)”.

Thanks. I see that now.

Well, I thought I saw.

I have a perspective open that has only “Untagged” matching items. I add a tag (that the Perspective filters for), and the item disappears, instead of remaining until I Clean Up.

Based on what I thought is expected behavior, I thought the item should’ve remained visible until I invoke Clean Up.

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