Feature request: Improve usage of images

I’m a visual thinker. I would like to improve the image handling in omnifocus. I images alot when reserching what to buy for example. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Separate description for each image.
  2. Quick browse through images (showing description) using left &right arrows on the mac and swipe in iOS.
  3. Have notes and images be separate, right now you can’t expand notes on the mac and not show that tasks images.
  4. Give a task a “cover image” that shows in the list.
    1. Good for “visual thinkers” like me. I just need a reminder in the list view that this one task is that I need to buy a lamp.

Suggest you submit this via email, currently the only official way for support and/or feature requests.
You can find all you need on Help>Contact Omni

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