Feature request: "Keep sorted by due date" in Projects view

Currently, actions can be sorted by due date only in context views. In a project view, a manual/user sort order is always used (i.e., you have to drag actions up and down, as desired). One exception to this is under Organize > Sort Once > By Due Date. But for me, one-time sorts are not enough.

I would like the option for a custom perspective that supports “keep sorted by due date”. As I key in new actions for any given project, the action should slide into the appropriate vertical position based on its due date, with actions due soonest on top.

Yes, I realize that the GTD purist doesn’t need this feature because we are supposed to only execute actions while in context view, which keeps items sorted. But I find it essential for my bigger picture project planning and management to have items presented in a logical order (such as by due date) — not just in whatever order they happen to have been entered.

As it is, I spend too much time dragging around actions to get them in the “right” order. OF should do this for me, automatically.

See relevant threads:

Thank you!

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Hey @alignedleft! Thanks for this request. It really articulates what about this functionality would help you and why the existing features don’t meet your needs – exactly the kind of info we use when considering these sorts of things.

If you haven’t already, could I trouble you to send in an email with this request? That way we can be sure to track it appropriately.

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Thanks, @tekl. Already sent an email. Fingers crossed! :-)

FWIW, I also want this feature badly!

Should I email you about it as well, or is it on its way?

Any news on this?
I find it extremely annoying to look through some lists that aren’t sorted as I want them to be.

What is the latest on this topic please? This thread is quite old and I too would like to be able to sort projects by project level due date in the projects view.