Feature Request: Link to contacts

Would really like the ability to link to contacts. I really don’t like creating call tasks and then have to hunt up call information. Would be nice to have an interface to either link directly into the Contacts app, or bring up a list of contacts that you can select the phone number from within OmniFocus. I mean Apple’s Contacts database has an API, right? That’s how apps like BusyContacts and CardHop access it directly.

I’ve wanted this since OmniFocus 1. It’s very disruptive to stop creating a task and go dig up the phone number IMO.

To request a feature from Omni, you need to email them from the help menu and they’ll add the request to their database or add your “vote” for an existing request.

You can copy a labelled link to a contact, and paste it into any RTF field, including an OF note, using a Keyboard Maestro macro like this:

Copy as Markdown Link - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

(which despite the name, copies an RTF link to the clipboard, as well as an MD link)

The updated version is kept on Github at:

Copy-as-md-link: macOS Keyboard Maestro macro group – single keystroke to copy MD links from different applications.

(click the Green Code button there to download)

So CardHop supports URL links direct to contacts and I can search Cardhop contacts from Alfred and the URL pasted in the Notes field of OmniFocus will open the contact directly in Cardhop.

Only missing step is copying the Contact URL direct from Alfred Workflow.

Thanks @draft8 - your post gave me the idea to research with the tools I already had


Hookmark is excellent and purpose-built for the workflow you describe. https://hookproductivity.com/


Came here to recommend this (Hookmark). This is the way.


I agree. I’m not fluent at all in automation and don’t use it, but I would guess to put the contact link in the task you need to access the contact anyway, but at planning time rather than at execution time,

If you have to go to the contact, then pasting the phone number in the task name and later selecting it prompts you if you want to call this number.

I do that when I enter the task, since it also disrupts my workflow to look it up at execution time.

I copy Cardhop URL and then paste it into OmniFocus notes area. I tried getting more complicated and automated than that - but in this case, the simpler the better.