Feature Request: Mac version needs a wider sidebar, with dual-width and single-width Perspective buttons like on iOS

In OmniFocus 3 for MacOS, please make the sidebar wider - ideally double the current width. I really want the sidebar to be more like the iOS version, in supporting Perspective buttons that are either single or double width, including the ability to easily reorder and reposition them. I would also like the option to then sync the button layout across all my devices.

My other criticism is that the current maximum length of Perspective names is too short. I often have to work to enter one that doesn’t get truncated. I often find that I am unable to use the name I wanted because it is too long. Could the letter count please be increased? ? Maybe enable word wrap to allow multiple lines of text.

Make sure to email in your request!

An option to sync perspective layout is interesting, but I would hate for that to be forced. I love having very different perspective layouts on my devices, since I use them for different things (my iPhone layout is centred more on recency and locations, iPad is more about communications, and Mac for planning, execution, and review).



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I had already emailed them, but I wanted to also share it here to to encourage more people to email them too.

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