[Feature request] More flexible repeat and due date options

I find the current “repeat” options very limiting. There are elements of real projects that I can’t reflect accurately and there are no easy workarounds.
Firstly, I often have projects which are a series of repeated steps (daily or at some other interval) which END at a due date. (e.g. rehearsals for a show which require preparation, tidying away afterwards etc. but will end when the show starts)
Secondly, I have projects which are a series of steps that need to be done n times but not necessarily at a fixed interval (e.g. we need to have five project meetings, which are not initially scheduled or I am learning piano and want to set myself to do five practices a week but it does not matter when I actually do these)
Thirdly, I have things within projects that I need to repeat as often as possible (e.g. Project is getting fit and needing to get up from my desk as often as I can during each day)

If you were ever having a radical look at scheduling, it would be very good to reflect reality over due dates. Most real things have a desired deadline and an absolute deadline. If nt done by the desired deadline they jump up in priority as the absolute deadline approaches. Some don’t have a fixed date for either, but simply rise up in priority the older they get (something has to get done in order to allow other things to progress, but does not have a report or other real deadline).

At present, OF scheduling of steps feels very old fashioned. As a freelancer, my life is more complicated than receiving tasks and doing them to deadlines.

The Omni Forums is a great place to share your concerns. The Omni staff do their best to go through the threads but they will miss a feature request every now and then. The best way to definitely log in a feature request or bug is to send an e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to let your voice be heard. Your e-mail will get a ticket number to ensure that it is logged into the Omni Support System.

Yes, I also wish for stronger date-oriented features. For now, I get around it by using my calendar app.

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