Feature request: mousewheel zoom

Feature request: Mousewheel zoom

Pros: It would help navigating large documents.
Cons: Zooming the canvas may require too much CPU to achieve a smooth zoom.

I have used https://realtimeboard.com/ for presentations and found it to be a very useful feature.

Please post if you need this feature, have an alternative shortcut way of zooming large documents, or have any related ideas.

Hi Jano,

This actually works for me if you hold down the Command key and use the scroll-wheel. Try it.

Thank you, it does.

I tried to find that option on the manual but couldn’t. If it exists, it would be useful to have it indexed with keyword mouse wheel.

I agree this was not included in the current version of our documentation. I’ve filed a bug, so we can note that.

Thanks. Here are some related suggestions.

Right now Omnigraffle zooms towards the center of the screen. It would be useful to zoom towards the pointer position. This would let me zoom over a particular point without having to move the canvas first. I know I could select + zoom, but zooming on the pointer is just one step.

When I’m using the selection tool I’d like to change it to a hand when pressing space and being able to drag the canvas.

It’s been two years, still no “zoom to mouse pointer”?

Just started using omnigraffle. This is first thing I’ve googled. Zooming towards center of the canvas is extremely annoying. It’s actually very unusual as other software does it out of the box. Is there any setting for it in the preferences?

So I guess this feature is not coming? After 4 years!!! One of the basic features, smh.