Feature request: Multiple milestones in one line

When I give an overview of a project to the board, it is highly annoying for everyone, that the project looks like endless scroll-down.

It would be very helpful, to be able to create milestones in a single line. It would save a lot of space in a project for visual cues.

Or, it is already possible and I just don’t know it?


I made the same request in 2013 and never received a reply. As far as I know, there’s no way to do this.


@Cassini This is something we still have an open feature request for! I’ll add a note that this is still something you’d find useful in OmniPlan.

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Any update on this feature request? This is also something I would find extremely valuable and a way to save screen real estate.

I want this too.

I think a good solution would be a special behavior for groups composed solely of milestones. When you collapse such a group, the group bar is replaced by all the milestones in that group over time. In order to handle visual overlap, the milestones could be layed out the same way the Resource view displays tasks.