Feature Request - Native KanBan board

Could we (being nice and community oriented, but really I want this) please have a native KanBan view that has a couple of features.

Tasks have multiple states (new, in progress, blocked, done). Later you could add the enhancement to allow users to define their own replacement/additional columns.

A view to allow dragging between columns which have underlying states, so dragging the task through them updates the state.

These days I live in either DevOps or JIRA (depending upon the client) and it would be great to be able to do the same for my home project/task management.

Each column to be labelled independently of the underlying task state. Multiple columns can have the same underlying task state.

Trello is another example, but while my wife uses this to manage her remote teams, I’ve only really used it once for a government contract so don’t really have much experience.

I know there are plug-ins for OmniFocus but I did not find them easy enough to use / as visually intuitive as a three or four column approach.


It’s been requested several times before, it’s not in OF4 but it may come once the code base is the same across operating systems, maybe in a point release. I agree it could be useful for certain projects though.

As an aside ToDoist offers this

Thank you.

It is the way we work on a daily basis within my delivery teams (as I said, JIRA and DevOps) but I’m trying to stay within the Omni ecosystem (I like OmniPlan for personal projects, rather than SmartSheets and MS Project) so I’d prefer to stick with OmniFocus if I can.

Saying that, we used to use OmniGraffle for quick wireframes for HSBC but we have dropped it now.

I like the flexibility of OmniFocus but it is feeling a bit dated when we look at the way we work. DevOps and JIRA have a degree of integration with MS Teams and Confluence, so working collaboratively is easy.

I’d love to have a kanban board for my projects (not just action level):

  • Current
  • Waiting
  • Future
  • Done

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