Feature request - native PowerPoint export

Use case: I cannot share graphics that can’t be edited by clients and co-workers (many of which don’t have a Mac).
By default that means I have to use PowerPoint, which is nowhere near as fast or beautiful as OmniGraffle.

Problem: The only acceptable vector graphics format in PowerPoint is native “Office” graphics.
EML doesn’t really work (… issues with fonts, etc. - and it’s not editable, which is the use case here).

There are few tools that can export to native PowerPoint graphics.
Acrobat does it with some success (so OmniGraffle -> Acrobat -> PPTX is one route that sometimes works for me).

OmniGraffle would be in a unique position to conquer the “office” (and “Office”) market if you could implement a high-fidelity export option based on the Office XML PPTX file format.

If you find a way to implement this - HUGE thanks in advance!


You’re definitely not alone in this. I suspect a lot of us are there.

RIght now, I do a copy-paste but, as you mentioned, the diagram is really an image and is not editable.

Yes! I do all of my drawing in OG, I simply can’t draw in PPT, but the organization that I am involved with wants all art to be posted in PPT. So today I need to spend a couple of hours cutting and pasting in PPT :(

(And not the first time)

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If we could drop OG objects onto a PPT slide as individual objects, that would be amazeballs.

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Would they accept a PNG file in a PowerPoint page? My guess is “no” but it made sense to ask.


These are networking standards documents. They don’t mind that I put PNGs into the doc files. But they want all of the diagrams available for others to take and be able to modify for other documents and presentations. Not really unreasonable but I can’t draw in PPT and I have drawing in OG for maybe 15 years so I am sorta comfortable with it.

I just signed up to +1000000 this thread.
Pasting into PPT from omnigraffle and it turning your diagram into a flat, non-editable picture is TERRIBLE.

It’s great because it’s a vector, but right now we’re all forced to paste each item from Omnigraffle, one by one, into powerpoint, and then reconstruct the diagram.

As someone who spends a hell of a lot of time creating artwork in omnigraffle, and then only to have to recreate it when it comes to putting it into a ppt presentation, gah the hours I have wasted.

+1 as well ! It is a very common need to paste into PowerPoint and have other people wanting to hack the diagrams

SVG might be an easier target. One of the problems could be the manageability of the large numbers of objects such an export would create. So, for example, a faithfully rendered shading pattern might be problematic.

+1 as well. This would be amazing to have the PPT export option.