Feature request: Option to "show all notes" all the time

To me, the difference between the icon signifying “no note attached to this item” and “this item has a note” is too subtle. I often paste important information into a task’s note field, but then overlook it later, as OF often collapses or hides notes when switching views.

I am aware of the “show all notes” menu option, which is helpful. But I’d like to request a new preference toggle to “force show all notes all the time” or possibly “show all notes by default”.

This would ensure that, when switching between views, notes would always be visible. Never again would I overlook some important information.

Would this be helpful to others as well?


Hi, I suggest you send this via email, which is the only official way of submitting both feature and support requests.
You can find what you need in the app itself, under Help>Contact Omni.

Done, thanks. I’d still like to know if I’m the only one, or if this comes up for other people, too. :)

I’d like this feature too … I have daily routine tasks, for which I put detailed instructions into note field … Everyday I need to unfold notes to see details …

I’d like that to be part of Perspective setting.



I really would like to have such an option available. Because right now I hit CMD+CTRL+' whenever I switch perspective as a person hit by paranoia.

I’m going to bring this thread back from the dead just to say that this should really be a setting that can be enabled per-perspective. I know that notes can get unwieldy since there isn’t really a limit to how long they can be, but at least show a portion of a note as an option to have enabled by default on both the Mac and iOS, or at least make it slightly more obvious (especially on iOS, where the icon is so tiny I sometimes mistake it for part of the context name).

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I definitely wouldn’t mind this being an option (especially if I can enable it per perspective), and especially on iOS

I recently switched from OmniFocus to 2Do. The Mac version can be set to either always hide notes or always show the first line of each. The mobile version has a brilliant feature where you can pinch to “zoom” in or out, adjusting the information density of the list—i.e., show or hide notes, tags, and project names.

There are a whole lot of things that 2Do gets right, design-wise. Wish OF would just look at them and essentially copy/paste 😅

What does it do with copy/paste?

I meant like copy/paste the features to OmniFocus, my mistake for wording it badly

What’s the status on that? Is it possible now to show all notes at all times? I didn’t find a switch or something in the preferences. Using the shortcuts all the time gets tedious…

As a test, I went to a perspective, selected Show All Notes (from the View menu), and then saved the perspective. It seems to respect that setting and keep the notes all always visible.