Feature Request: Project Icons

Similar to how Ulysses allows you to set an icon for a group, I see value in being able to set a project icon in OmniFocus. It makes it easier to visually distinguish projects from others when there are many projects being viewed.

I anticipate there being an issue with still being able to distinguish paused projects, series projects, and parallel projects but I’m confident the folks at Omni could find an elegant design solution.

One hack could be to do this with emoji in the project name but I prefer the simple, line icons of Ulysses—the colorful emojis would be a visual distraction rather than a helpful indicator.

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I’ve always found it easy to use emojis in the titles.

For single Action Lists (one off actions), I use 1️⃣
For repeating tasks, I use 🔄
My Frogs are 🐸

Folders will have emojis of the house, a person, an office, etc.


This would be great! Yes we could use emoji, but the icons are simpler and much more easy on the eyes for an app that already has a lot going on. I would love this.

This is great, but…feature (and support) requests are only considered by @SupportHumans if submitted via email — the more people to write, the more importance it gets.

You can find all you need inside the app:

  • HelpContact Omni on macOS
  • SettingsContact Omni on iOS

Thanks for the reminder @ediventurin . I’ve submitted a request.

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