Feature Request: Schedule tasks for today by using the defer date when using siri

When asking siri to add a task to omnifocus for today, a task is scheduled with a due date.
Given the practice to use due dates for hard deadlines only, it would be nice to be able to set a defer date when saying ‘for today’ and maybe “due today” for a due date.


Plus 1, I always have to manually change it afterwards!

You could create ‘For Today’ and ‘Due Today’ Shortcuts which add today as a defer and a due date respectively, and invoke them via Siri?

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could you share an example screen shot of the shortcut?

Attached prompts for text and then also prompts for which Project to add to. In the example it could also add your Forecast today tag if you use one (I call mine ‘Ideally Today’ because we all know how things go…). Main thing is to enter Current date in the defer field as shown in the screenshot. You’d do the same for ‘Due Today’ shortcut but add the current date into the Due field instead

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Thank you!