Feature request: Show overdue items in Apple Watch complication

I currently use the large Apple Watch complication on my main watch face.
I’d love to have the ability to automatically show the number of overdue items once all of today’s items have been completed.
For instance, right now it shows 3 lines on the complication:
3 Today
Description of
current item

What I’d like to see is, once all Today’s items have been completed, is something like:
Today Complete!
3 overdue items
still remaining

Or something along these lines :)

This is great, but…feature (and support) requests are only considered by @SupportHumans if submitted via email — the more people to write, the more importance it gets.

You can find all you need inside the app:

  • HelpContact Omni on macOS
  • SettingsContact Omni on iOS

This feature I ask Group Omnifocus ago time, but without response :(