Feature request: skip action

some repetitive tasks require to be skipped because I am on a hurry in the morning, or busy, or away from home.
these actions need in practice to be deferred to the next scheduled occurrence.
some other tasks during the day have to be rescheduled to the upcoming days during the week.

defer is already there but I miss:

1 - a non-script button to defer or “complete as skipped” actions
2- a non-script way to track and warn if I am skipping or deferring too much some actions or hierarchies.

I believe these should be part of OF because they ultimately help us GTD and systematically avoid confusion when the tasks are a lot.

I might encourage you that #1 will be possible at the point when tasks can be assigned as On Hold or Dropped in the same way that Projects can now be assigned those status settings. A review of the forums and blogs should have further details on this plan.

I suspect that #2 is going to be left as a exercise for the individual user to solve rather than becoming a core feature.