Feature Request: Sort by top-level Projects or Contexts in custom perspectives

I felt this deserved its own thread to highlight. The idea is that when creating custom perspectives, one would be able to group items not only by project or context, but only by the top-level projects or contexts. If you have nested contexts, you could group by just the top-level. Say you have an ‘Errands’ context, with many sub-contexts nested inside. It would be nice to have your ‘Next Actions’ custom perspective be able to show you a single grouping for ‘Errands,’ and reduce friction by not showing you eleven different groupings mingled with all the other sorts of groupings present.
You could also choose to group by project, relegated to the top-level, such as having a grouping for your ‘areas of responsibility’ folders or otherwise top-level stuff you would see if your projects perspective were fully collapsed. Your custom ‘Next Actions’ perspective could then group tasks by this high-level view rather than visually overwhelming you with a separate grouping for each project.

I found this topic while seeking help with Projects in a Custom Perspective. I’ve just created topic with a related concern:

“Wish: Show Top-level Project in a Custom Perspective”

– Ward