Feature Request: Tasks get a URL field with a tappable link button

Sometimes the information associated with a task is in another application. Sometimes it is in a diferent part of OmniFocus. I want each task in Omnifocus to have a URL field, and if a URL is included then a link icon appears on the task, something like in my mockup below. Tapping on the link icon will then take us to the URL.

Why is this useful?

  • Firstly, we can link to web pages with further information relating to the task
  • Secondly, we can deeplink to other apps, like a document within Evernote, file in Dropbox, email in Airmail etc.
  • Finally, we can use it with the OmniFocus URL schema, so that, in the case of my example, I can include the URL: [ omnifocus:///inbox ] to quickly jump to my Omnifocus Inbox.

While URLs can already be put in to the Notes field, accessing them is fiddly, and requires unnecessary steps. When I’m working through my morning ritual, I want to be able to tap each link to jump to the information related to that task.

I’d love to see this added to OmniFocus 3 in iOS and Mac. cc @SupportHumans


Now I wonder what would happen if I put two or more URLs? Would that make the view more cluttered?

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I did think about this. They could either just limit it to one URL, or if multiple URLs are allowed, tapping the link icon could bring up a popover with a list of the URLs which can then be tapped. So if there was more than one URL, it would require two taps to reach the one you want.


thanks. to make sure this feature request is logged into Omni’s database, send an e-mail to ofpreview@omnigroup.com. The Omni Support Humans do visit the forums but this post may get lost. E-mailing it will give you a support ticket number that will get it registered on their radar.

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Done. I really hope they add this. :)


I’m still hoping in 2020!

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Though it is not a button, there is a way to accomplish your goal using an Omni Automation Plugin.

There is a plugin called ‘Open Project|Action Note URL’ on the Omni Automation page.

You can activate the action through the automation menu or assign a keyboard shortcut.

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Bumping this in the vague hope it gets considered for OF4


And if links must live in notes fields, is there a way to make them pretty on iOS?

On Mac, I can create: ThisExampleLink
And it renders like that.

But in ios I always see the long version such as

And, if I edit that note in ios, it will change all the links to ugly / long version at the Mac.

Is it just me?


This is an example of why I want Markdown in notes.