Feature request: Total Estimated Time for Multiple Selected Tasks

I’d love to be able to see the aggregate estimated time for multiple tasks. For example, in the Forecast Perspective in OF2, right now if I select multiple tasks the Estimated Time field in the Inspector pane shows “Multiple Values” in grey text. It would be awesome if, instead, it showed the sum of the times I’ve entered in all of the tasks selected so that I could have an idea of how much total time I’ve allocated to those tasks.

Similarly, if I’ve got a project with multiple tasks, it would be great if there was an auto-generated field in the project inspector with something like “Total Estimated Time of Tasks in this Project”.

Is there any way to easily do this using existing OF2 features?



This functionality is already in both OmniPlan and OmniOutliner; strange that it is not in OmniFocus already. I would have thought that the Omni Group would have incorporated it easily in OmniFocus 2 (or one of the early updates to OF2).

I thought that someone had an AppleScript floating around the Internet that did just this…

Try this, which should get you started: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=sum+of+estimated+times+of+OmniFocus+tasks+AppleScript

@apkawel Many thanks for the script suggestions. I’m fairly new to OmniFocus and haven’t used the AppleScripts before, but I’ll definitely give this a try.

+1 It’s actually surprising it doesn’t exist.

Agreed: Feature: Calculate and display in the status bar the total duration of selected tasks.

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Would be great feature, and would would partially, sort-of help make up for the lack of better calendar integration and the limitations of Forecast view. I.e., by helping me see if I’m overcommitted for a particular day, this could do something similar to what a calendar does.

I wanted to suggest/ask the same thing. I would love it if the estimated time for a project, or task that carries sub-tasks, could be auto-calculated, so I can see how much time is left to complete that project/main task without working it out manually each time.
Is here the place to “up-vote” the idea, or should I look/write somewhere else?

+1 I’m using a script that does the job well but integration into the Forecast perspective would be great.


Do anybody know will be the “total estimated time” in Omni Focus 3?