File management?

It’d be nice to manage OO documents within OO. Maybe we can view view, open, and switch between outlines via a file manager in the app.

Right now, it’s similar to Microsoft Word - you can view recent documents, but have to open and delete files via finder, and not within the app. Centralizing files may be useful.

I disagree.

You can open other outlines from within the app, and switch between using built in OSX controls like gestures on trackpad or mouse.

You can open most recent, or open from finder. However, if your file isn’t on the most recent list, you have to search via finder. That’s rather cumbersome. Switching between outlines via gestures only works well when outlines are fullscreen, in the same screen, or most recently opened. None of these options are intuitive.

You can switch outlines via Mission Control regardless of their screen size.

Make a saved search for .oo3 files, and put it in the dock. Sort by date modified, and the newest will be at the top. You can filter the results by using the search box in the upper right corner of the Saved Search window.

No need for new features in app.

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For what it’s worth, I totally agree with anamorph.

I made a finder tag called “oo_files” that I apply to oo files and then made this tag selectable in the finder sidebar. This way, I can scatter my oo files into whatever folders they most naturally belong throughout my system, but also still quickly see a list of all of them just by opening a finder window and clicking on my sidebar item.