File size and disconnecting clients

I’ve just checked my OF2 file size and it’s 1.1 Mb. That seems very large. Everything syncs fast though. If I export my OF database, however, it’s only 82k. Color me confused.

In OF1 one could go into Preferences and disconnect from clients (i.e. disconnect from a computer one may not be using often). However, that option seems to not be present in OF2.

I’m traveling for 6 weeks: meaning about half my devices won’t be able to update/sync during this time. In the past I’d disconnect these devices/clients. What do I now do with OF2?

In the sync pane, if you click the tiny gear next to the “Sync Now” button, you can see your registered clients. It’s pretty buried. I suspect you’ll want to remove clients that won’t be syncing for 6 weeks, given how OF sync works.

A 1.1 MB database may have a number of unmerged changes in it. If you look at the client list, is there one that hasn’t synced in a while?

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Thanks that did it! Went from 1.1 Mb to 150k. That little “tiny gear” is uber-discreet. But now that I know about it, all is well.

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