Filling and Modifying a Custom Shape

I’ve created a basic closed shape that is grouped using the line tool and cannot figure out how to round the corners and fill it. I have looked through the forum and the manual but can’t seem to figure it out. My guess is that it is not being treated as an object but I don’t see a way to create a custom object. My goal is to create a stencil set for specific office furniture. I’m new to OnmiGraffle and I’m running version 6.6.1.

Hi - it sounds like you have made a shape using the line tool and your right it would not be treated as a shape. Use the pen tool instead to create your custom shape and you’ll be able to fill and it and round the corners. The pen tool is right next to the text tool ( the “A” icon ). If you are new to omnigraffle I would recommend reading the help documents on how to use the pen tool including how to manipulate bezier lines and shapes.


Thanks Steve. I’ll give the pen tool a shot.