Filter by tag in project view (without making a new perspective)

This seems so simple I’m almost afraid to ask…

I just want to see everything tagged with #TagA , In project view, so I can continue using action groups, etc.

It’s very simple to make a new perspective with just these rules:

  • Tagged with Any Of: #TagA
  • Group and sort by project

But I have to create a new perspective for every tag to make that work.

Is there a way to do it without generating a new perspective?
Or is there a way to bring up the left-side Tag sidebar without being in a “Group and Sort by Individual Actions” perspective?

Unfortunately, this is not possible the way you describe. In OF3, the Tag view does not have any extra view options.

Have you considered limiting your workflow to using a smaller number of essential Tags? With fewer Tags, having multiple Perspectives may not feel so heavy.

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