Filter custom perspective by location-based context


I’d like to be able to view in my today widget only the actions actionable in the current location.

I bought the pro upgrade thinking surely it would allow me to customize this, but sadly it’s not the case. :(

What I’d like is the ability to create a custom perspective with a location filter, eg the ability to multiselect among:

  • tasks linked to my current location
  • tasks linked to no location (as I can probably do them averywhere)
  • tasks linked to a location in which I’m not (I wouldn’t use that, but maybe someone would want a perspective of not actionable actions !!)

Location alerts don’t satisfy me, I don’t want an alert every time I enter my office building with all the tasks, what I want is in the today widget and a specific “todo now” perspective to be able to view actionable actions.

I don’t need when I’m at the office to view “take the trash out at home”, currently I’m deferring until the time I think I’ll be home, but it doesn’t satisfy me.

I hope my request is clear, english is not my native language! :)

I found this topic related but not answered: Location-based Contexts—is Filter available?

Agree with most of what you say, but… you’d better send an email to the Omni folks. That’s the only way for feature (and support) requests to be considered. ;-)