Filter Forecast by Context?

Is it possible to filter the forecast view by context. I know that you can focus on a project but it would be more useful for me to be able to focus on a context.


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Agree that this function would be so much more useful than “focusing” on a project. Any luck finding a solution?

I have actually found a solution that suits my needs. The way to do it in OmniFocus 2 is to use the “Sidebar Selection” part of the perspective configuration. You select the Contexts you want to filter with, then you open the Perspectives view and create a perspective. On the Perspective view click “Add Current Sidebar Selection”.

Now you have a perspective that will filter by context. It doesn’t have the Calendar in the sidebar but if you select Group actions by: Due, it will be pretty close to the Forecast view.


I thought of another idea just now and have it working in the Forecast view. It’s slightly more in the Work-around category, but it allows me to filter by Context.

I decided to add a special character to the end of some of my context titles. For example, all my office-related context names have an “@” symbol at the end of them. Now, when I’m in the Forecast view, I can type an “@” in the Search field and only my office related contexts are shown. I’ve done the same with errands. They all have a dollar sign at the end of them.

It’s not elegant, but it works well. Another benefit is that you can add two different symbols to different contexts to have them show up in different views. In this example, I could have a context with both a @ and a $, so I’d quickly be able to see it in both views.