Filter on checkbox column?

I like the idea of using a status column with checkboxes with the intent to filter on done vs. pending items.

Q: How do I put in corresponding values for check / unchecked in the filter search textbox? I can restrict the scope of the search to the status column, but don’t know what to type in there?

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On the filters tab, select criteria: Any of the following are true: Any checkbox is checked. You can of course change Any to All, or checked to unchecked, to get what you want.

To create the filter, use the little “+” at the bottom left of the window when you’re in the Filters tab.

Thanks - I tried this but got confused because I had named my column “status” (lowercase) and then selected the built-in “Status” column with no result.
Now I paid a little bit more attention and everything works as it should.

The new version 5 looks very promising, kudos for keeping things going. OmniOutliner used to be one of the signature apps that made people switch to Mac. I still remember the time when Apple bundled it with every Macbook sold. This is a serious app with many use cases, esp. since you added the iOS cousin.