Filtering tasks from project with a specific tag

I’d like to filter tasks from projects having a specific tag.
Currently it is only possible to create filter condition “included in a project” and then selecting the projects manually.
I’d like to be able to select “included in a project with this tag” and then the list of tags.
I’d use it to filter my projects with tags like “projects for the we” or “important project” and then see in a perspective all task to do from these projects.
The inheritance rules of project tags onto their tasks create “uncertainty” (a task we create in a project inherit only if created in the project having already the tag)
It would be nice to be able to filter by on project level and then getting ALL tasks from these projects

(sorry for the pic: French version)

Project-specific tags aren’t currently supported. I agree this would be very useful.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email the Omni Group with this request by choosing the Contact Omni from the Help (not sure what this is in French).

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